Mat Cleanser (32oz)

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Are you still having skin issues on your team?  Some coaches say, “no we really don’t have skin issues, just the one or two kids that contract some issue or infection.”  Since when did it become alright to have any skin issues from sport?  Our mission statement is to abolish skin infection issues.  It is NEVER okay for an athlete to miss training or competition due to a skin issue.

Pure & Clean Sports Mat Cleanser is made for any surface that needs to be effectively cleaned.  We’re setting the bar as the only Hypochlorous Acid based Mat Cleanser on the market today.  Quit using harsh chemicals to clean the mats.  It’s hard on the mat and hard on the athletes.  Use Pure & Clean Sports products  help abolish skin issues!

Please note: this is not a disinfectant.  If you require a disinfectant or sanitizer, please purchase Pure & Clean Sports Disinfectant/Sanitizer.

Environmental Commitment

This product rapidly breaks down entirely to salt water.  Not harmful to septic and waste water treatment systems.  It’s also phosphorous-free and VOC-free.